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How To Recover Email Passwords From Any Email Client With MailPassView

Mail PassView is a small password-recovery tool that reveals the passwords and other account details for any email client.

How does it work? Here are the simple steps for using the program in its most basic form:

1) Download MailPassView here:
2) Launch the program (for zip users, merely launch the sole exe file in the extracted folder).
3) The program will launch and merely display all available account details from every email client on the system. You can “refresh” the program if you feel it didn’t grab all proper settings on the first run.
4) You can either manually copy out your account details, or better yet, use the simple “Save” floppy icon on the left hand side of the toolbar to save a text file of your results.

It’s that easy. The program is super simple to utilize, but it comes in handy for those very situations where a customer just can’t remember their account credentials for the life of them. MailPassView doesn’t stop at passwords only. It also provides full POP/IMAP/SMTP settings for any email accounts it can sniff out. The full list of details it can weed out includes:

  • Email addresses (full)
  • Server addresses (incoming & outgoing)
  • Server ports (incoming & outgoing)
  • Email passwords
  • Password strength
  • User profile names (most pertinent for Outlook setups)

In all, MailPassView is an excellent tool for any computer technician that is tasked with migrating an email client setup for their customer. I’ve used the program countless times with great success. If your email client happens to not be supported, they even offer an alternative utility called SniffPass that claims to be capable of, well, “sniffing” out passwords traveling over your network adapter.

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